At EnGeniux, we’re passionate about all things tech. That’s why we offer a competitive range of IT products of all kinds, from hardware to software and everything in between. We also offer customized solutions.




Developers, Games and Artificial Intelligence
EnGeniux’s 2016 goal is to push the limits of autonomous self-creation, robotics, and autonomous innovative products to shape and define exciting possibilities. We see an opportunity to create a new market that will bring added value to individual consumers and businesses with the OTON brand, products, and services. OTON’s next-generation technologies offer exciting impressive possibilities to bring creative, timesaving, and cost-effective solutions to a new level.

Services & Solutions
We Create Custom Hardware Builds When it comes to hardware, custom-built equipment is one of the best ways to get the versatility you need at a cost-effective price point. At EnGeniux, we work with customers like you to plan and create hardware systems that have everything you need.

Need Custom Software? We’re Developers, Too
We also offer custom software development for businesses of all kinds, from local restaurants to multinational corporations. The right software can streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and help your team become more productive than ever before. We bring together teams of top-tier developers, experienced UI experts, and product managers to plan, execute, and test your customized software using time-tested agile development approaches.

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